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Starting a Cleaning Business
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  • Simple and effective ways of starting your cleaning business even if you little or no money.
  • Exactly how to write a business plan. - even if you have never done before.
  • How to create a set of cleaning procedures to ensure consistency and quality cleans - that you can train your staff with and maintain your customers through good reputation of your business name.
  • Where to find customers, how to quote for a job,  how to keep customers coming back - as well as having them referring you to others!

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Starting A Cleaning Business

You'll also receive our 'Cleaning Business Blueprints'

 Get ready to unlock the vault of the best business resources. This folder contains 10 fully customizable and printable template documents. These are ready to be adjusted to suit your business so that you can start now! They include:

#1     Business cards - This link allows you to choose a business card to your style, customize it and print it - Ready for your business today!

#2 Business plan - fully customizable template. Even if you have never created a business plan before, you can easily create one.

#3 Cleaning checklist template - This customizable template allows a one page quick checklist that will help your staff ensure they complete all tasks. It also serves as evidence to your customers that tasks were completed. Customers love this!

#4 Cleaning Procedures Template - This is a written step by step plan of how to clean. This is ideal for staff training to ensure consistent results.

#5 Customer agreement - 'Terms of Trade' - This is a fully customizable LEGAL document that would cost you hundreds if not thousands to consult a lawyer to draw a unique document. This customer agreement sets out the terms in which you will accept doing business. When you get paid, how you get paid etc. This is vital for your business.

#6 Customer/Job Quote form- This template allows you to confidently quote on a job accurately and can be reproducible by anyone regardless of experience .

#7 Flyer design template - If you cant afford a graphic designer or printer but still want a professional design - Here is a great template to customize and print from home that will make your business stand out!

#8 New staff orientation The next stage of your business growth is when you will hire staff. You need to have in place a set of documents to comply with legislation.

#9 (OHS/WHS) Workplace Health and Safety manual - This customizable comprehensive manual is essential for legislation as well as if you plan to tender for Government or commercial jobs!

#10 - Staff training manual- This customizable template complete with photographs you can also customize. shows the training methods of new staff. It is a complete set of procedures to ensure all staff deliver consistent quality results.

This is like the 'Swiss army knife' for building your business.

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Starting a Cleaning Business

Starting a Cleaning Business


This E-Book shows you everything you need to know how to start you first cleaning business.

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Starting a Cleaning Business

Bonus #2 'Clean up in the Cleaning Industry'


Another E-Book for Free. 'Clean up in the cleaning Industry' 

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Bonus #3

'Blueprints for Success'- 10 Templates

Full access to our 'vault' of 10 business templates. These template documents are fully customizable to your business.

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Nikki DolanCustomer

Thank you for your assisstance, I appreciate it immensely. I receieved the link to download the book and saw the VALUE immediatley.

Thanks for the information. I will certainly be using this in my business.

Robert BerghianuCustomer
Jenna KellyCustomer

Thanks very much for the book it's full of great tools to help me with my new cleaning business.

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